Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Random thoughts...Feb '10

Some random thoughts that I really could not tie together in a coherent way:

1) The Wife and I watched the Aussie Open live here in Melbourne and on TV. It was pretty amazing! At the end of it all, it was the usual suspects - Serena Willams and Roger Federer - claiming the women's and men's singles titles. I must say, every time I watch Fed play, he amazes me! Only Time can tell whether or not he is the best tennis player ever. You can find some pictures of our day at the Open here and a detailed account of our day here (written by the Wife). Now that it is all over, we will miss the fun of watching tennis every night after dinner.

2) I have started playing soccer again with a group of guys from the Monash Uni Soccer Club. It has been fun to get back to playing the Beautiful Game after a long break. These guys take their trainings very seriously so it has been quite a steep fitness curve for me even though I've been hitting the gym quite regularly. Looking forward to playing a few games soon!

3) Feb is a huge month at work because our building is expected to be 80% complete in 3 weeks, and we start getting instruments delivered starting on the 23rd. So, it is going to be quite a challenging, but exciting, month at work and I am looking forward to getting our labs up and running over the next several months.

4) Since we got back from our vacation, I have totally slipped up on watching EPL matches online. I've only been following my beloved Chelsea through the online scoreboards so I am desperate to watch a few of their upcoming games on the Internet. I am hoping our ISP, IINet, obliges by putting a few Chelsea games on-demand! You guys at IINet hear me? I miss Fox Soccer Channel and Goal TV from my Nashvillian days! :-(

5) We celebrated Australia Day on Jan 26 with an Aussie tradition - a BBQ! Who knew?! It was heartening to know my affiliations with BBQ parties will continue despite moving all the way across the world! ;-)

6) Last week, I spent 45 mins stuck in my office elevator...that was an odd experience! We only have two floors in our office, but since it is still a construction site, we weren't allowed to use the stairs (that has of course changed now!). Nothing remarkable except that it was a hopeless waste of time, and I was fairly warm in that closed elevator! Can't wait for us to have our building completely to ourselves so these stupid restrictions (we also have to wear hard hats, high visibility vests and safety goggles) are lifted!

That's it for now...

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